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Authors wanted. Can you write about embedded software?

By Colin Walls

I am involved in an interesting project, with which I need some help. And that might be where you come in. I had an idea for a book and managed to persuade the inimitable Clive (“Max”) Maxfield to work with me on it. The plan is that he and I will write some sections and jointly edit the whole book. We have an agreement with Elsevier to publish the fruit of our labors, so we are now somewhat committed.

This is why I am now asking for help …

The concept for the book is both simple and wide reaching: it will be a comprehensive guide to the languages used in embedded system development. This includes software programming, hardware definition and modeling languages. Of course, the most widely used languages will get most coverage, with less detail on the more obscure options. To this will be added background material on the historical perspective, possible trends for the future, and the language selection process.

Although both Max and I endeavor to give a different impression, we both recognize that we do not, in fact, know everything. We both know a bit about many things and a lot about a few things, but that leaves some gaps, which might be where you can assist …

We are looking for authors for some of the language detail chapters. If you think that you might be interested in contributing to this Great Work, please contact me via email or social networking and we can talk. No commitment initially – I can give you details of the form and structure of the book and we can see whether your expertise is a good fit. Just let me know which language(s) you have a thorough knowledge of, and we will take it from there.

Thanks in advance for your input. In any case, I will be posting more about the book as work progresses, so stay tuned

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