Programming languages and prize winners

About a month ago, I started a competition – a prize draw to win a copy of my book. The draw has now closed and it is interesting to review the results …

I posed 3 questions:

  1. What programming language(s) do you currently use specifically for embedded software development?
  2. What language(s) have you used in the past? [A vague idea of dates would be useful.]
  3. Any other comments/thoughts/ideas that you have on the matter.

The answers held few surprises, to be honest. Actually, I am mostly reassured, as I am supposed to understand what embedded developers do! Embedded programming is dominated by C, with a certain amount of cautious use of C++. Assembly is used when absolutely necessary. Some mentions of Java, but no strong enthusiasm. Some mentions of Python [which I must have a look at myself] and Lua, which I first heard about quite recently and also deserves some investigation.

This was useful input for a project that I am working on, more details of which I will discuss on a future occasion.

The two lucky prize winners were: Dan Smith from the USA and Fernando Mondello from Argentina. Congratulations guys – your books will be on their way to you soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I would welcome any further thoughts on the topic by email or comment.

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