A busy season

I am sure that it is the same in many areas of commerce. The summer vacation period draws to a close in late August or early September and companies suddenly realize that there is just one quarter left and some annual sales targets to achieve. So, October and November become saturated with marketing activities, seminars, conferences, etc.

That is certainly the way it has been in the world of embedded software and this year, despite financial constrains around the world, the Fall/Autumn looks like it is going to be busier than ever …

I guess the season started with ESC Boston two weeks ago, at which Mentor Embedded launched ReadyStart.

Here is a list of events coming up that I have some involvement with:

  • 6-7 Oct – SAME [France]
  • 14 Oct – NMI seminar”Embedded Software in Consumer Applications” [UK]
  • 19-20 Oct – Embedded Conference Stockholm [Sweden]
  • 20 Oct – Design&Elektronik Entwicklerforum [Germany]
  • 10-11 Nov – ARM Technology Conference [USA]
  • 30 Nov – 1 Dec – IP SoC 10 [France]
  • 7-9 Dec 10 – ESE Kongress [Germany]

By then, the Christmas and New Year holidays will be most welcome and we can start preparing for Embedded World [Germany] and ESC Silicon Valley, the two biggest events on the calendar.

My list is far from exhaustive, as I have only noted events with which I have direct involvement. There are many more. Please comment if there is something particularly interesting to embedded software developers.

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