Redefining Productivity: Faster, Smarter, PADS!

By Jim Martens

PADS’ next release is almost here, and it’s much more than just new features and functionality!

I’ll be hosting a webinar on March 11 to show you how PADS VX release will increase your productivity with the VX platform, and a correct-by-design methodology that will help you get it your product to market quicker.  To attend, register HERE

See you there!



One thought about “Redefining Productivity: Faster, Smarter, PADS!
  • No pads release since October of 2012 why are we paying maintenance, there is no possible way you can have releases that far apart and stay current in this industry. What is the release date for the new version enough with the tours release the product so we can get our money’s worth??

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