Announcing Sigrid for Capital Software Designer

Addressing the growing demand for quality assurance in embedded code, the Software Improvement Group (SIG) recently launched Sigrid for Capital Software Designer. This new offering is the result of a partnership between SIG and Siemens Digital Industries Software.

You can view the official press release here.

A new solution for automotive and aerospace industries
Sigrid for Siemens’ Capital Software Designer (the integration between Capital Software Designer and SIG’s Sigrid Monitor) addresses the need for greater control and management over software-related security, risk and costs. As a result, this new platform enables software architects, testers and developers to implement quality assurance earlier in the development process. This means users can actively monitor the quality of their software throughout the execution and operation phases.

ISO Software Quality
Software quality process for ISO conformance with Capital Software Designer and Software Improvement Group

ISO 25010 specifications
As part of Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, Capital Software Designer delivers a variety of user advantages, including sound and efficient model-based specification, interface compatibility control, integration, and functional verification and validation of embedded application software. The solution’s integration with Sigrid offers a new software quality assurance capability according to ISO 25010, which includes maintainability, performance efficiency, reliability, security, usability and portability.

This makes software quality a verifiable and actionable part of the functional verification process.

Learn more about Capital Software Designer.

More about SIG
Software Improvement Group (SIG) helps business and technology leaders drive their organizational objectives. This is achieved primarily by improving the health and security of software applications. SIG combines its proprietary tools and benchmark data with its consultants’ expertise to help organizations measure, evaluate and improve code quality – whether they’re building, buying or operating software.

To reach Siemens directly regarding this announcement or for more details on Sigrid for Capital Software Designer, please contact Dr. Jan Richter, Solution Architect/Capital Software Designer.

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