Siemens Digital Logistics and HERE Technologies make supply chains more reliable

By Christian Wendt

Global integration of location services enables efficient and sustainable logistics

Siemens Digital Logistics, a specialist in digitalizing logistics processes, is partnering with HERE Technologies, a leading location data and technology platform, to make fresh and precise location services an integral part of its software portfolio.

Customer will receive many benefits as Siemens Digital Logistics end-to-end solutions will include Geocoding, Matrix Routing, Toll Cost Calculation and Truck Attributes.  Advantages in dispatching include the ability to plan transports in a cost-optimized manner and to define routes according to ecological aspects. In operational transport management, arrival times are forecast more accurately, and risks are minimized, enabling downstream processes in the warehouse or production to be better coordinated. HERE location services are available worldwide, including in China, and enable detailed insights that help optimize the supply chain.

As Christian Schmidt, CTO of Siemens Digital Logistics, explains: “Digitizing logistics processes is not trivial. Bringing together partners with different IT infrastructures from around the world and optimizing global transport chains requires precise location services that can be easily integrated into our platform. With HERE, we are able to provide our customers with an enhanced offering that allows them to plan and manage their logistics processes more efficiently and sustainably.”

“With the pandemic, the pace of digitalization of global supply chain management as well as the need for precise location services has increased significantly. Bundling HERE location services with Siemens Digital Logistics platform, we are making an important contribution to the logistics of tomorrow,” said Gino Ferru, General Manager EMEAR and Senior Vice President at HERE Technologies.  

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