The Siemens PLM Gears Program


I am happy to announce the Siemens PLM Gears program! This program is an effort to recognize and reward the extensive contributions of our community’s most valuable members. 

The Siemens PLM Community is practically bursting with helpful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable people. Anyone who has visited this community for any period of time can attest to that. However, as with any group of people, there are those who stand apart from the group. Our community is no exception to this; we have several of these “superusers.”

These users go above and beyond what is considered the standard or default behavior. They login nearly every day. They devote countless hours just to resolve a single person’s problem. They receive more kudos and have more posts accepted as solutions than 95% of the other users combined. They’re such an integral part of our community that we would be severely impaired if they ever chose to leave us. These are the users that were selected for the Gears program.

Gears is an annual program, which means membership has to be earned each year. It’s structured into three tiers – 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, and 3rd Gear – and will have at most 45 members for any particular year. 1st Gear members are selected by nominations from the Community Managers. 2nd Gear and 3rd Gear members are selected based on their helpfulness, engagement, and behavior towards other users. The “inaugural class” for 2018 has already been selected.

Gears members receive a myriad of benefits, but one important marker that many of you have contacted me about is their special rank. All Gears members have a purple gear icon gears-rank.png  next to their username. This is a visual indicator that that user is amongst the best of the best, so you can probably trust what they’re saying!

Please see this list of your 2018 Gears members and their areas of expertise. 


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