New Changes to Community Design

I am very excited to announce that we have completed phase 2 of our ongoing Community Redesign project! Many of you can probably remember phase 1 and how awesome it was, considering what our old design looked like. Smiley Wink It was a big change for all of us, but quite necessary, and I think we can all agree that it was for the better. This time around, the changes were relatively subdued but I want to highlight some of the more important ones. 


One of the very first things you will notice is a new look for the page header. This area has been completely streamlined with the removal of several unnecessary links and the image being pushed out. Header images will now decrease in size as you drill down into the different interaction styles. The header image will be largest at the category level, a little smaller at the forum or blog level, and finally disappear when reading an article or discussion. You will also notice that the search box now has square corners, versus the previously rounded corners.


Many interaction styles underwent changes, but perhaps the most significant changes were applied to our blogs. You will notice that we switched back to the masonry/card style that we had before we did Phase I of the redesign. This allows for easier browsing of articles at the general blog level. Sometimes you change things, and you realize that they were better the first time around!

Read/Unread Distinction

Another change that many of you will be happy about is a much clearer distinction of what posts you’ve read, and what are still unread. In the forums, you could always figure this out by seeing if the topic link was bold or not. That’s not quite the best method, so we’ve added a colored stripe to the very left of each unread topic. If the stripe is there, you have new content to enjoy! Additionally, the knowledge base area has colored icons to denote read or unread, but they weren’t working properly. That issue has been fixed.


Last, but certainly not least, we have finally made the jump to mobile! Previously, there were display issues that rendered the Community completely unusable on mobile or tablet devices. Thoses issue were an important piece to starting another phase of the redesign project, and I am happy to report that we have a completely usable (hopefully) and beautiful mobile-friendly skin for the Community.

I encourage everyone to go poke around and see what else has changed. There has been extensive testing done by yours truly, but I am only one person. If you notice any bugs, issues, or frankly, ugly things, please let me know! Positive feedback accepted as well. I really do rely on your reports to make the Community a better place. Smiley Happy


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