Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

CMAD.pngToday marks the annual Community Manager Appreciation Day! Every year, we choose a special day just for the hardworking souls behind our Community. With respect to that, I want to take a minute to recognize them.

To the Community Managers:

For most of you, this is just one of your many responsibilities. I’m sure there are great days when you love everything about the Community. But I’m equally sure there are days that are especially rough, when one more thing can’t go wrong, and then it does. Things aren’t always easy, or even fun, nor would I expect it to be that way.

I don’t even know all the hard work you do, user-facing and not. Sometimes it’s thankless. I hope to be better at recognizing that this year. But I applaud you all. You always manage to make it work. You always push through and get things done. For that, I am grateful to each and every one of you. I couldn’t ask for a better team. You guys are awesome. This year will be awesome.

To everyone else:

Reach out to your Community Manager(s) and thank them today. They work harder than you will ever know. They do it all for you.


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