Celebrating Five Years of the Community

One snowy day in February 2013, a site was launched. Little did the administrators know, it would change the world.  Okay – that’s probably overstating things a bit. There probably wasn’t much snow, if any, in Cincinnati at the time. However, I am sure that nobody realized at the time what the community project would become.

Community-birthday-badge-144x144-5.pngThe 5th Birthday badge

February 25th is the official birthday of this community, meaning that yesterday we marked five years since that launch. I’m lucky enough to have been involved in this community in some way or another for the last three years. But what does five years of a community look like? Luckily, we have analytics so that I can attempt to quantify it.

Five years is 10,482,978 visits. Over 10 million different sessions where you read endless pages.

Five years is 49,050 registrations. Almost 50,000 of you created your own account so that you could post too, and you did. You posted 389,282 messages across all categories.

Five years is 607,737 sign-ins. That 49k signed-in on average of twelve times. The majority of you did so many more times than that.

Five years is 9,919 private messages sent. 2,692,455 attachments were downloaded, or, 3.5 terabytes. 41,365 images were uploaded, which were then downloaded 35,686,594 times. 3,914 hours of videos were watched.

What can’t be quantified are all the connections that have been made here. Beginners learning from seasoned experts, and vice versa. Siemens employees teaching users, and vice versa. All the friendships that have blossomed and other ways lives have been changed. 

If you sign-in during our birthday week, you will receive the special “5th Birthday” badge for your profile.

Thank you for our first five years. I look forward to the next five. Smiley Happy


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