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Computer Aided Engineering in the Industrial Metaverse – Part 2

The Industrial Metaverse (IM) is a virtual world in which one can interact with the digital twin. From a Computer…

Lisa’s journey: Embracing Simcenter Amesim Recommender as a new simulation engineer

Explore the benefits that engineers can enjoy by using Simcenter Amesim Recommeder. In this blog, we will track the progress of a new Simcenter Amesim User.

Simcenter in the Metaverse

Computer Aided Engineering in the Industrial Metaverse – Part 1

The Metaverse, as a concept, means different things to many people. Unsurprising as the Metaverse is in the process of…

The potential impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) on Computer Aided Engineering

Humans are lazy. Large Language Models (LLMs) – what are they and how will they help make our lives even easier?!

Engineering simulation part 3 – Modelling

‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’ Albert Einstein (possibly apocryphal) Whether Einstein said this or…

Engineering simulation part 2 – Productivity, Personas and Processes

Engineering simulation continues to grow as engineers realize the productivity increase it could offer. Read this blog to learn more about the personas and processes involved in adopting simulation.

Engineering simulation part 1 – All models are wrong

Engineering simulation models intend to represent reality to the extent where some useful insight might be garnered. However, according to George Box,, “all models are wrong”. So how can they be useful?

Automotive. Creative glowing car hologram interface on dark blue background. Transport diagnostics and futuristic technology concept. 3D Rendering

Simcenter meets Catena-X

Find out what happened with Simcenter met Catena-X. This project was created to support and speed up the transformation of the automotive industry.