Four ways intelligent manufacturing benefits aerospace and defense

By Angelique Grant

It is a critical time to expand your understanding of how intelligent manufacturing solutions can improve your response to trends and key drivers in the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. We prepared an ebook, Digitalize manufacturing on the fly, to help. It is an overview of challenges and opportunities you may encounter in your efforts to accelerate production ramp-up and build complex products faster. 

How intelligent manufacturing solutions help aerospace and defense

Intelligent manufacturing solutions are essential considerations in any digital transformation strategy. They can help you overcome industry challenges like lack of transparency of engineering data & processes due to disconnected information, systems and processes.

Here are four benefits of intelligent manufacturing solutions from Digitalize manufacturing on the fly:

  1. Automation to improve repeatability and flexibility – and reduce rework and scrap.
  2. Multidisciplinary process planning integrates electronic and mechanical systems and processes to build better quality, more complex products.
  3. Advanced manufacturing technologies such as additive and robotics speed up production and lower weight and material usage.
  4. Ability to continuously improve and optimize manufacturing processes through insights from IoT and data analytics.

Where to find more information about intelligent manufacturing

While this ebook provides an excellent overview, you can explore our website to find extensive information about intelligent manufacturing solutions for aerospace and defense. You’ll find our Live Chat function is available on all pages, so you can begin to ask questions and gain insight relevant to your specific business needs.

You can also request assistance through our contact form.

How to purchase Siemens solutions for aerospace and defense

Before you decide to make a purchase, we encourage you to learn more about digital transformation and the benefits of our solutions for intelligent manufacturing.

When you are ready to digitalize your manufacturing on the fly, you can always contact us by phone. Our team of sales and support specialists is available to help you examine your requirements and find solutions to help you improve operations.  

For additional reading, consider this white paper we produced in conjunction with Aviation Week: Realizing Digital Manufacturing and Product Support in Aerospace & Defense.

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