MBSE For Dummies, Siemens Special Edition – a book for intelligent innovation

By Angelique Grant
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Get ready to accelerate product development in aerospace and defense programs with model-based systems engineering (MBSE). MBSE For Dummies, Siemens Special Edition is available to help you learn the power of an MBSE mindset to manage product complexity and integration with your supply chain for enhanced requirements flow-down and end-to-end traceability. Discover the ease with which you can optimize the performance of your technical program and transition seamlessly from system modeling to program execution and integration across the entire product lifecycle.

Advantages of an MBSE approach

MBSE For Dummies, Siemens Special Edition was written for everyone from program managers to executive leaders and systems engineers. The book is available for anyone interested in learning about the advantages that an MBSE approach provides. It is a resource for teams to learn how to collaborate more effectively, leverage the digital twin, mitigate risk and prioritize safety at a time of unprecedented innovation in the aerospace industry. Check out this video series to learn more.

MBSE for aerospace and defense

For anyone connected with the engineering process in aerospace and defense, MBSE is a solution to manage the complex challenge of bringing new products to market. With growing pressure to innovate quicker and at the same time reduce costs, aerospace firms are looking to MBSE to leverage the complexity of their operations for competitive advantage as they orchestrate technical programs. This digital thread empowers everyone involved in a product’s lifecycle to expand the boundaries of what is possible.

Download MBSE For Dummies as a PDF or audiobook

MBSE For Dummies is available as a free download. You may choose to download the book as a PDF, audiobook or both. The book includes six concise chapters to explain the concept, with practical examples of the potential of MBSE in aerospace.

  • Chapter one – Soaring with aerospace and defense
  • Chapter two – Rethinking your systems engineering approach
  • Chapter three – Painting a new vision for the future
  • Chapter four – Driving all domains with MBSE
  • Chapter five – Charting the path forward
  • Chapter six – Ten ways to win with MBSE

Download a free copy of MBSE For Dummies to learn more. You will realize the power of this digital thread to drive rapid innovation with unprecedented control of the entire product development lifecycle.

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