Siemens Joins the AMGTA

By Ashley Eckhoff

One of the advantages to additive manufacturing is the reduction in raw material usage. If you think about manufacturing methods such as machining, where the procedure is to carve a part from a large block of material, all of the material that is carved away is scrap. In the best possible scenario, that material can be recycled, but in many cases, it is lost, contaminated, or otherwise unusable and is actual scrap.

Additive manufacturing is a process where material is placed at a specific location in 3D space, and even when considerations are taken for support structures and possible exact surface post process machining, the amount of material and energy required for a printed part is often much less than that required for traditionally manufacturing the same part.

This is where the AMGTA comes in. The AMGTA is a non-profit organization who promotes additive manufacturing as a sustainable manufacturing method with less environmental impact.

The AMGTA seeks to educate the public and industry about the positive environmental benefits of 3D printing, promote the adoption of AM as an alternative to traditional manufacturing, and to develop best practices for additive manufacturing.

As you may have seen earlier this week, Siemens has joined the AMGTA and we look forward to working with the other members of the organization to promote additive as a green technology, to design best practices for additive that make the process as efficient as possible, and in the end to reduce the waste that comes from manufacturing.

For more information on the AMGTA, please see their website HERE.

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