What’s New in Learning Advantage? – Solid Edge Test Drives

By Jennifer Bradford

frontloader.pngThe super exciting new resources in Learning Advantage let you literally drive a giant frontloader around a huge dirt pile or a pilot a rowboat across the sea. While the fact that this is entirely untrue is just as disappointing for us as it is for you, dear readers, at least we have your attention now, and as long as you’re here, you really should check out our newest tutorials, or “Test Drives” for Solid Edge. These fantastic resources give you or your students a very practical look at some of the most interesting, useful and commonly used tools Solid Edge has to offer.

The Frontloader test drive walks the learner through creating a preliminary drawing of the 3D model using the Quicksheet capability in Solid Edge, using PathFinder to manage the display of parts in the assembly, and editing parts in the context of the assembly, all of which is practically as cool as actually driving the frontloader! If row, row, rowing your boat is more your speed, the Roaboat test drive includes a step-by-step guide, classroom presentation and 30 integrated videos as well as part and assembly files and 3D printables!


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