What’s New in Learning Advantage? NX 12 for Engineering Design!

By Jennifer Bradford

Whether you’re looking for a classroom resource for teaching NX 12 to your students, or a self-guided tutorial for getting up to speed on the world’s most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE solution, our newest eBook from Dr. Ming C. Leu, of Missouri S&T University, has you covered.

NX12Leu.pngThis eBook is written for students and engineers who are interested in learning how to use NX 12 for designing mechanical components and assemblies and provides a systematic approach for learning NX 12.

Chapter 2 includes the NX 12 essentials from starting a session to getting familiar with the NX 12 layout and Coordinate System, Layers, various toolboxes and other important commands which will be used in later chapters. Chapter 3 describes how to create sketches and to give geometric and dimensional constraints. The actual designing and modeling of parts begins with chapter 4.

You will learn how to create a drawing from a part model in chapter 5, while chapter 6 teaches the concepts of Assembly Modeling. Chapter 7 introduces free-form modeling.

Chapter 8 is offers a brief introduction to Design Simulations and chapter 9 will be a real-time experience of implementing a designed model into a manufacturing environment for machining. The exercises and model files presented throughout the book build upon one another and culminate in a final project.

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