What’s New in Learning Advantage – Introduction to PLM with Teamcenter

By Jennifer Bradford

requirements.pngThere’s a tendency to think of PLM as a software solution, but the truth is that the software is only a tool used to support an overall business strategy called Product Lifecycle Management. As student engineers, it’s important to learn the fundamental theoretical concepts as well as the practice of PLM using real-world scenarios and industrial-strength tools to support those concepts.

For our newest self-paced Learning Advantage course, Introduction to PLM using Teamcenter, we’ve partnered with Steinbeis and Professor Dr.-Ing. Jörg W. Fischer to create a full-semester learning variants.pngmodule that covers all aspects of PLM, including concepts, product development, roles, product planning, organization, production and logistics, organizational knowledge and, finally, how all of these theoretical concepts are realized with Teamcenter in a real-world scenario. The course is divided into chapters supported by video modules and exercises that build upon the learner’s new knowledge and skills.

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