Student from Universidad San Buenaventura design Motor Turbofan using Solid Edge

By Bijy Vattathara

Andrés Felipe Chapeton Calderon is an engineering student at Universidad San Buenaventura in Columbia. He entered his Solid Edge design of a Motor Turbofan into the Siemens PLM Software Student Design Competition.


We caught up with Andres to ask him about his design and here’s what he had to say:

I want to continue my dream of becoming the best designer.

  1. What is your field of study?

My field of study is aeronautic engineering

  1. Why did you choose this project/design – what gave you the idea?

Because it was a project of the university, I had to design a turbofan engine

3.What challenges did you face during the design/build?

The biggest challenge was to make the design of the compressor and turbine stages also to assemble these parts with the combustion chamber.

  1. What features of Solid Edge did you use to develop your project?

I work in ordered by using operations as: Extrude for fan, revolution and revolution cutting, for compressor and turbine stages and combustion chamber, protrusion sections,pattern and symmetry for airfoils and holes of combustion chamber.

  1. Would you recommend Solid Edge to another student? Why or Why not?

I recommend the Solid Edge program because it is a very versatile and intuitive program facilitates the design and is very accurate in construction

Congratulations Andres!

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