Solid Edge Certification Resources Available for Educators and Students

 Student and teachers can prepare for the Solid Edge Certification online exam with a no-cost new training resource. 

To prep for the Associate Level I exam, a new training video is now available. You can find the Siemens Solid Edge Certification for Students on the online learning platform – Udemy, or at the GearUp University Solid Edge Certification site. The 2.5 hours of video instruction was prepared by John Devitry, a research fellow at the Center of Space Engineering at Utah State University. John formerly taught the introductory classes for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at USU for more than 10 years. He is also a contractor with Siemens PLM Software. 

Associate Level I certification is for middle and high school students.This exam helps students build a strong college or university application and resume.Students can start building credentials that demonstrate a good knowledge of Solid Edge and prepare them for the workforce.Accelerate professional development and elevate your skills.

The video instruction helps students navigate the Solid Edge interface and learn the skills needed to pass the exam.Topics include sketching, part modeling, patterns and a brief look at assemblies.

GearUpSECertification.JPGSolid Edge Certification Resources on GearUp

Udemy.JPGUdemy Site Offers Solid Edge Certification Videos

  Get started!

Students and teachers ready to take the exam should click on the “Ready to take your Solid Edge Certification exam?” link on the Solid Edge certification homepage. Follow the steps to register. Students will need to set aside approximately 2- 3 hours to take the exam.

For additional information and recommendation, please review the “Frequently Asked Questions about Solid Edge Certified Associate Certification” and “Preparing to take the Solid Edge Certification Exam” links under Additional Resources.

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