Siemens Skillshops at Formula SAE Michigan, Wed., May 8th

Empowering-the-next-generation-of-automotive-engineers-ad-85x254_1.pngJoin Siemens experts in CFD, composites, CAD, and mechatronics simulation for an introduction of Siemens & Mentor automotive engineering software packages & how to get no-cost software, no-cost online training & tech support to power your team’s success.Pre-register using links below.

Carbon Composite Cost & Labor Saving Techniques Want to save up to 40% of your carbon fiber costs and save fabrication time? To be competitive at the highest level, your car needs weight-saving carbon composite for your downforce package and chassis. Instead of finding manufacturing flaws after costly fabrication, use a unique fabrication-simulator to find and fix flaws at design time, to save precious $ cost and labor with real-life examples from a leading FSAE team. Learn about integration with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for strength optimization as well as CNC ply-cutters. Illustrated with Fibersim software.

Best practices for aerodynamics downforce design with CFD simulation. Learn how to be more efficient at improving aero designs, increase accuracy. Enable more experiments to optimize downforce versus drag and decrease lap times. Learn how STAR-CCM+ can help you speed through typical struggles associated with CFD (cleaning/swapping CAD, meshing, etc) so you can test more designs. This includes an overview of the software and available online training content, along with demonstrations.

See how NX can easily handle large assemblies, accurate FEA, 5-axis machining, 3D-printing and more.

Reliable electrical system & wire harness design With Vesys design, fabricate and document your professional-quality wire-harness with reliability to get you through Endurance.

Perform lap time simulations that include subsytems such as powertrain, chassis, suspension, brakes, tires, and more with Amesim simulation.


Leigh Anderson, Business Development Manager Student Competitions Worldwide

Chris Penny, Academic Competitions Program Manager – N.America & CFD Instructor

Gary Gorman, Application Engineer, NX expert

David Strauss, Application Engineer, Fibersim expert

Sai Krishna Sumanth Nakka, Amesim collaborator from University of Cincinnati

There are two skillshop times available to register for: 12:15 & 3:45:

1st Skillshop Registration link 1:

2nd Skillshop Registration link 2:

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