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By Yun

Capital is a comprehensive software suite that enables the engineering of electrical systems for large platforms such as cars, aircraft, and sophisticated machines. These platforms have substantial and increasing electronic content, which are dependent upon complex electrical distribution systems to function. Trends such as powertrain electrification and increased vehicle autonomy intensify these challenges leading companies to utilize Capital to overcome them.

Capital was introduced into China for the first time in 2004. It was first applied in the aviation field, and then quickly occupied the market. It was also widely used in aerospace, ship and automobile manufacturing fields. At present, the software has become the electrical system design software with very high market share in China. Capital divides the electrical system into three levels: layout diagram, circuit diagram / schematic diagram and cable network. Capital can assist in design, layout, wiring and inspection at different levels, which greatly improves the efficiency and reliability of electrical system design. At the same time, Capital has a large version upgrade and a number of minor upgrades almost every year. Mentor can timely correct the problems found according to customer practice, add new functions to Capital, keep up with the latest development of computer-aided design technology, and constantly help to improve the design efficiency and reliability of electrical system.

With the development of electronic information technology and the continuous enrichment of social needs, the electrical system in the fields of aviation, aerospace, ship and automobile has become more and more complex, huge and important. The traditional design method has been difficult to ensure the completion of highly reliable electrical system design in a limited time. More and more designers and companies want to help themselves through Capital Electrical system design.

Unfortunately, there is no detailed and systematic introduction to Capital and its matching electrical system design method in the market before. Beginners can only learn and explore Capital and electrical system design methods in advance through the official technical support of Mentor, a Siemens, or the “master and apprentice” way. To some extent, it limits the spread of advanced computer aided design technology, and then affects the efficiency and reliability of electrical system design.

Zhang Zhilong, the author of this book, is senior engineer of Beijing Institute of Near Space Vehicle System Engineering. He started to use Capital in 2012, and successfully applied it to many large-scale projects in the space field in the following seven years. In the application practice, he has got through the upstream and downstream cooperation units, combined with the characteristics of Capital and the experience of aerospace electrical system design, and explored a set of effective electrical system design methods, which promoted the efficiency and reliability of aerospace electrical system design. With the popularity of Capital in aerospace electrical system, and the emergence of private aerospace in recent years, the learning demand of Capital is more and more urgent. Based on this situation, he had the idea to summarize and disseminate the relevant experience accumulated in practice, in order to contribute a modest force to the development of aerospace electrical system.

Aerospace electrical system has its own characteristics, but also has the universality of electrical system. Although the content of this book is based on the practical experience in the aerospace field, Zhang Zhilong also tried to extract the general part as much as possible, which should be helpful to the application in aviation, ship and automobile.

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