Move Over Joel Eriksson, you’ve got FSG Teamgreen Stuttgart Hot on Your Heels at Hockenheim!

By Jennifer Bradford

fsg silly.jpgGreenteam Stuttgart raced to victory at Germany’s famed Hockenheimring racetrack during this year’s FSG competition. FSG’s purpose is to offer a real-life experience of everything that goes into designing, manufacturing, supporting – and, of course – RACING a race car. Check out Formula Student TV to learn more about the process these students go through just to get involved with this amazing competition!

Overall Winner FSE GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart.jpg

Siemens is proud to sponsor many of the teams competing at this year’s FSG, and especially proud to sponsor the winning team out of Stuttgart! This team of nearly 50 students cover every detail from the design/build aspects to the often-forgotten business side of engineering, including budgeting and business management and sponsor- and donor-development.

oregon state.jpg

Unlike this competitions grown-up namesake, it’s not *all* about speed at FSG. Teams compete in a whole host of disciplines areas and must follow very strict rules in every aspect of their process. Points are awarded in:

  • Engineering design

  • Cost and manufacturing

  • Business presentation

  • Skid pad

  • Acceleration

  • Autocross

  • Endurance

  • Fuel efficiency


Siemens is committed to competitions like FSG that empower the next generation of talent. We equip the teams with industrial strength software and the training and support they need to gain real-world skills in design, composites, simulation, systems engineering, mechatronics and lifecycle management using software likeSolid EdgeNXFibersimSimcenterStar CCM+, Tecnomatix and Teamcenter.

Check out more amazing pictures and incredible videos from Formula Student Germany!

Race Prep.jpgSee you on the track in 2018!

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