Here’s how Greenpower is getting students industry ready.

Remember how much fun your first science class was? Maybe your memories take you back to when you were a little kid at school, but whatever age you look back to you probably remember that the projects were hands on, the content was easily applicable and above all else, learning was fun. However, somewhere between your first science class and hundredth math class, the information in your STEM courses became dry, difficult to digest, overwhelming and, dare I say, sometimes a little boring.

It is a frustrating situation for students, teachers and even industry leaders who are actively searching for the next generation of digital talent to take on the many opportunities of today. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to STEM focused, project-based learning activity’s like Greenpower, more students than ever before are finding the fun that waits for them by following a career in a STEM subject.

During Greenpower’s month long event, student teams from all over the USA are given a chance to design, build and race, battery-powered vehicles on the infamous Indy 500 race track. This event not only allows students to gain hands-on experience with advanced engineering techniques, but it also gives them the opportunity to engage with industry leading tools such as Siemens PLM solutions, which include NX and Solid Edge software.

Beyond its unique learning opportunities, Greenpower “takes STEM classes and STEM projects and makes them cool” again. That is the real power behind Greenpower. Not only do participating students receive a valuable, hands-on, industry-backed education; they also get to live their dream through the power of STEM.

The Greenpower Electric Car Challenge is now running in the UK, the USA, Poland, and China with more countries set to be announced in the near future. If you are interested in finding out more about getting invloved with Greenpower, and how to live your dream, visit their website at and check out the video above.

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