Guide to Teaching and Learning with Xcelerator Academy for Education

1. Xcelerator Academy Overview


Step 1: Click on Enterprise Academic Gold (Corporate)

2. WebKey Account – DO THIS FIRST


Step 2: Sign in or sign up to your Siemens account

Step 3: Check your inbox and set up account

Step 4: Verify your email

Step 5: Add SoldTo

3. Membership Activation


Step 6: Xcelerator Academy Login

 Step 7: Redeem

 Step 8: Enter your information

 Step 9: Log into Learning Advantage to access your account

4. Administrator Resources


Step 10: Go to Administration

 Step 11: Click on Administrator Guide

5. Student Account Registration Self-Service


Step 12: Click “add user”


Step 13: Click on “export instructions”

6. QuickLists


Step 14: Under diagnosing and repairing CAD, add to Quicklist

 Step 15: Add to STAR-CCM, then save

Step 16: Manage quicklist

Step 17: Check quicklists

7. Certifications


Step 18: Buy the Simcenter STAR-CCM+ CFD Analyst Associate


 Step 19: CFD Analysis

8. Digital Badges for Coursework


 Step 20: Obtain digital badges

 Step 21: Criteria

Please refer to this link for Xcelerator Academy Quicklists.

Please visit this link for the comprehensive Xcelerator Academy overview.

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