DGUT cultivates an educational program fit for the digital transformation

In 2017, Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) and Siemens Digital Industries Software signed an agreement to join forces and build the DGUT School of Smart Manufacturing. The school was founded in July 2018 and enrolled its first students in September of that year. Since then, the collaboration has created a leading-edge curriculum and student development model.

Siemens Digital Industries Software offered DGUT School of Smart Manufacturing its full support for curriculum design and has developed 12 courses covering various aspects of smart manufacturing.  With the curriculum established, the DGUT School of Smart Manufacturing needed a competent faculty. Siemens Digital Industries Software enrolled teachers in its teacher certification program. The DGUT School of Smart Manufacturing has developed specialized training models for students from different majors with different career aspirations. Every course is assigned certain credits, and students can enter the next learning cycle. After finishing the courses, students take the Siemens Digital Industries Software digital engineer certification examination, and those who pass receive a vocational certificate. The purpose of the certification exam is to verify learning outcomes and to offer students a professional qualification that is widely recognized throughout the industry.

Students of the DGUT School of Smart Manufacturing can familiarize themselves with Siemens Digital Industries Software’s solutions at the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center. Giving students the ability to apply the theories they are learning in class to software programs they will see in their careers.

In their fourth academic year, students engage in practical experience as interns at Siemens Digital Industries Software, partner companies and other enterprises for a year. Through internships, the students can quickly apply what they have learned in classrooms with the help of experienced engineers and technicians and acquire first-hand project and work experience. This accelerates the student’s transition from school to enterprise and gives them confidence in their abilities post-grad.

“The establishment of the School of Smart Manufacturing has fundamentally addressed the shortage of qualified talent required by these enterprises, providing the much-needed talent support for the industry’s growth. All in all, the partnership between DGUT and Siemens Digital Industries Software has not only helped local enterprises with their intelligent digital transformation, but also provided a talent cultivation platform for smart manufacturing, constantly and forcefully driving the overall industrial upgrading of Chinese enterprises.” says Ren Bin, Dean of the School of Smart Manufacturing at DGUT.

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