Check Out These Free Training Webinars

If you are looking for additional training resources, check out our events webpage. It features live and on demand events. Afew you might be interested in:

  • March 28: NX Industrial Design & Styling

  • On demand: NX 8 Mechanical Design (includes intro to NX CAD interface, freeform modeling, working with multi-CAD data, design reuse, integrated data management)

  • On demand: NX CAM 20 minute tech tips (series includes how to create a manufacturing setup, how to quickly react to design change requests using integrated CAD/CAM, how to fully control your tool paths, getting the code you want from your post processor, and how Synchronous Technology can help you prepare models for pattern development.

Let us know what other training you could use to improve integration of our software in your curriculum.

– Dora


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