2018 Siemens Cup CIMC competition China

By Hilary

Siemens Cup China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge competition (CIMC) is a national class competition, which was started from 2006. This is the largest student competition in the field of intelligent manufacturing in China. The competition is oriented to the training and selection of engineering talents in China, especially for the training and transformation of Chinese manufacturing industry in the background of industrial automation,information, digital and intelligent industrial upgrading.

In 2018 Siemens Cup CIMC, it has more than 3100 teams from 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and 400 universities participated. There were 14 sub-contest areas (including 9 provincial contest areas). The national finals were held in Beijing University of Chemical Technology from August 25 to 29. More than 300 teams and more than 1000 teachers and students competed in the final competition round. Siemens PLM Software took part in the competition this year, namely Solid Edge for the Design/Simulation topic in the Innovation Smart Manufacturing category and Tecnomatix for the Process Simulation topic.

闭幕式 (3).JPG( Final Awards and closing)

For the Innovation Smart Manufacturing category, 118 vocational school/colleges/universities, 380 teams and 1602 students used Solid Edge for the Design and Simulation part. In the final round, 40 teams from 34 institutions were selected. Finally, 4 teams won Best Awards, 12 teams are in First Prize and 2 teams in 2nd Prize.

Siemens Cup SE1.png(One team works- designed by SolidEdge)Siemens Cup SE2.png(The Team presenting their product)

It’s first year it settles Tecnomatix session, there are total 60 teams from 32 universities attend the preliminaries and 18 teams from 13 universities entered the finals. Finally, 2 teams won Best Awards, 6 teams are in First Prize and 10 teams in 2nd Prize. Teams from ZZULI and CUSTgot Best Awards finally.

PLM决赛现场 (5).JPG(One team is presenting about process simulation)PLM赛项颁奖.JPG(Representatives from ZZULI and CUST in Best Award)

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