Going for the gold: independent rankings of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio

By Steve Hartman

A couple years ago, Xcelerator was formally introduced by Brenda Discher and Tony Hemmelgarn at a Media and Analyst Conference in Brooklyn, the last conference we held for that audience before COVID-19 shut down countless in-person events.

At that time, it was a new concept and it was the first time we brought the Siemens software offerings together into a cohesive portfolio. The critical points we made at that time are still the key tenets of Siemens Xcelerator that persist today: enabling a comprehensive digital twin and fostering open ecosystems via adaptable and flexible solutions.

And this past September, we announced Xcelerator as a Service, empowering designers and engineers at companies of all sizes with key functionality of Xcelerator based in the cloud. Offering Xcelerator as a Service allows customers greater solution accessibility and collaboration from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. It also brings a modern cloud-native architecture that fosters our customers’ composable business strategies—the ability to adaptively create and deploy personalized applications leveraging microservices and modern APIs. Whether it’s MindSphere, Teamcenter, Opcenter or Mendix, each solution in the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio brings enormous value to customers in their respective technology markets. And companies can start digital transformation journey anywhere in the portfolio and know that by going with Xcelerator from Siemens they put themselves on a path that is highly scalable technically and in business value.

A winter games analogy

Over the past year and half, the independent industry and IT analyst community have been evaluating and ranking key solutions in the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio against alternative solutions in the market. These rankings appear in a series of reports published by well-known analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC and others. We can draw an analogy in the spirit of the Winter Games with the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio acting as the country, and its solutions are the athletes competing in multiple “events” against other offerings.

Siemens Xcelerator: the judges agree

Positive or leading positions comparative evaluation reports published by IT analysts is a bit like winning a gold medal — demonstrating solution success and relative strength of capabilities. In the past year the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio solutions were ranked in the leader’s section in nearly every major analyst report in which it competed, including Gartner Magic Quadrants, Forester Waves, IDC Marketscapes, and reports from other notable analyst firms. For Siemens and for our customer champions it is an award podium we’re proud and grateful to be on.

Check out our scores in these important analyst reports:

Every four years, countries compete in different areas and then you can total up the medals and see which country has the most overall. If such an aggregate total existed across leadership rankings in IT analyst reports, Siemens would be at the top of that list. And that is as much a reflection of the business success our customers are realizing as it is the functional capability that Siemens Xcelerator brings to them.

Siemens Xcelerator blurs the boundaries between your roles and domains allowing companies to use the technology today to build the products of tomorrow. Learn more here about how Siemens Xcelerator can help you go for gold and turn product and process complexity into your competitive advantage!

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Xcelerator as a Service

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