Companies are already finding success with the digital enterprise

What brings value to the digital enterprise? It stems from software and solutions that can turn your business into a unique digital enterprise tailored to meet the needs of your company and bring value to your customers.

The digital enterprise is what allows companies to get to the future faster through enhanced collaboration, closed-loop design, optimization of products and processes, and a comprehensive digital twin, all of which turn complexity into a competitive advantage.

There are businesses in all industries fully utilizing digitalization technologies like the comprehensive digital twin and additive manufacturing to design and produce safe, high-quality products faster and more cost-effectively.

Check out how some of these innovative companies partnered with Siemens Digital Industries Software to use today’s technology to build tomorrow’s products.


Siemens and HP used CFD-driven optimization to design a revolutionary cooling duct 75 percent faster than the traditional process. But there’s more to the story than that. Check out this video and learn about the design process and production that led to this unexpected result.

Watch the full video and learn more about HP and Siemens here.


For Nerrox, a manufacturer of custom stainless-steel furnishings, meeting demanding customer specifications is key to success. Check out this case study and see how using digital tools reduced custom assembly modification times by 60 percent and helped them expand across Europe.

Stöckli Skis

How Stöckli Skis was able to reduce time to produce variants from two days to less than one hour is a remarkable story. Read how this 90-year-old company is using digital technology to make over 50,000 hand-made skis every year.

Read the full case story: Optimizing and individualizing any ski in just one hour

Are you ready to transform into a digital enterprise?

Xcelerator integrates the entire Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio with MindSphere, Siemens Cloud Solutions, Mentor, and Mendix.

Companies in all industries can now easily build, integrate and extend existing data and network systems, utilize innovative technology such as the digital twin, have solutions adaptable and personalized to meet their needs, and access a modern, open ecosystem – all with Xcelerator

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Where today meets tomorrow.

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