All about manufacturing operations management for automotive suppliers: Advanced scheduling

By Jason Meyers

Scheduling is the second half of an APS system (advanced planning and scheduling).

Advanced planning and scheduling software is a critical piece to more efficient operations management for auto suppliers of all types and sizes.

APS software – like Opcenter Scheduling from Siemens – is a tactical decision-making support tool that takes a detailed look at the individual pieces of equipment, tools, and personnel that make up the whole manufacturing process.

Watch the webinar clip to better understand how scheduling software works:

Scheduling software 101: An introduction

Scheduling software removes the guess work

Scheduling tools analyze detailed production demand to provide an optimized production sequence and work list.

Scheduling software also provides valuable insights like the effects of a change in production, interruption, machine breakdowns, and production efficiency, which can be especially helpful for planned partial shutdowns.

Overall, APS software can help to justify decisions concerning overtime, order prioritization, due date negotiations, and more.

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Watch the on-demand webinar to find out what APS software can help accomplish, how auto suppliers are using it, and see how it stacks up against other solutions.

There’s more to planning and scheduling than meets the eye. Try the planning and scheduling game for a fun and educational experience.

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