Preview of the Future Car Podcast with Living Legend Mario Andretti

By Ed Bernardon

This is an episode of the Future Car Podcast we know you will not want to miss! We are super excited to announce that we will be joined by Formula One, Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 legend Mario Andretti.

Here’s what you can expect from the full episode, which will go live Wednesday April 5th 👇

Why does Mario love motorsport 🏎️

Find out what makes Mario tick, and the drive behind the man who became Formula One world champion in 1978

The role Mario is playing beyond motorsport

Mario’s influence stretches far beyond the white lines of a racetrack. A name that is recognized around the world, Mario continues to break barriers on a cultural and societal level

The importance of new technology in motorsport 📱

Mario may have raced during a time when engines would churn out 1000 bhp, but he truly recognizes the importance technology plays in ensuring motorsports across the globe continue to work toward a sustainable future

Mario Andretti, Racing Icon and Library of Congress Living Legend

Mario Andretti, Racing Icon and Library of Congress Living Legend

Mario Andretti was named a Library Of Congress Living Legend that has had a great impact on our society, culture, and technology. He was knighted in his native Italy, GQ Magazine named him one of the 25 Coolest Athletes of all time and he was in the first Pixar Cars movie voicing himself. In addition to all that, he is considered by many to be the greatest racecar driver in history as the only one to have won the Daytona 500, the Indianapolis 500, and the Formula One championship.

Ed Bernardon, Vice President Strategic Automotive Initiatives – Host

Ed Bernardon, Vice President Strategic Automotive Initiatives – Host

Ed is currently VP Strategic Automotive Initiatives at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Responsibilities include strategic planning and business development in areas of design of autonomous/connected vehicles, lightweight automotive structures and interiors. He is also responsible for Future Car thought leadership which includes hosting the Future Car Podcast and development of cross divisional projects. Previously he was a founding member of VISTAGY that developed light-weight structure and automotive interior design software acquired by Siemens in 2011, he previously directed the Automation and Design Technology Group at MIT Draper Laboratory.  Ed holds an M.S. in mechanical engineering from MIT, B.S. in mechanical engineering from Purdue, and MBA from Butler.

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