Podcast: The Future of Traffic Flow with Eric Gannaway from Siemens ITS

There’s nothing more annoying than inching along the road in a city with heavy traffic. With today’s traffic lights, it’s not unusual to stop at a red light, travel 30 feet, then get stopped again. Rinse and repeat.

There are, however, innovations in the works to create intelligent traffic systems that collect data, analyze the patterns and make adjustments in real-time — ultimately making traffic systems more efficient than they are today. 

In this episode, we go beyond talking about just autonomous cars. Instead, we’re investigating the world of autonomous and connected cars, and the infrastructure changes that will transform the way we travel.

Eric Gannaway, from Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems in Detroit, was my guest, one of a series technologists, researchers and policymakers who joined me to discuss new mobility topics last year for our podcast feed. (See one example in the blog I posted earlier this month about the episode with NAVYA’s Henri Coron.)

Here, Eric and I discuss the potential costs and benefits of connected vehicles, how intelligent traffic systems will improve traffic flow, and what the future of employment in the automotive industry might look like. 

Discussion Online: 

  • How Eric describes future of transportation to his grandchild. (2:37)
  • How are connected vehicles related to autonomous vehicles? (4:45)
  • What is a connected vehicle is. (5:05)
  • Benefits of collecting my data with connected vehicles? (6:23)
  • The ideal goal for connected/autonomous vehicle development. (6:50)
  • How do you see connected vehicle technology evolving into an entertainment system? (10:56)
  • How intelligent traffic systems improve the flow of traffic. (13:16)
  • How does congestion charging work with connected vehicles? (19:32)
  • What is a geofence. (20:24)
  • How does vehicle to infrastructure communication help autonomous car navigation? (20:50)
  • How do intelligent traffic systems help the multi-modal world? (24:26)
  • Where will reduction in traffic congestion come from. (25:19)
  • What will the future of employment in the automotive industry look like? (27:04)
  • What Eric sees as the most valuable feature for autonomous vehicles. (34:52)

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