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Thought Leadership

Product lifecycle management for machine builders brings digital transformation

The global industrial machinery and equipment industry grows increasingly more complex each year. Many machine and equipment builders are dealing...

Energy & Utilities

On-demand webinar: Tackling Climate and Energy Security Using Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Manufacturing organizations are increasingly turning to renewable energy for their power needs. As a result, renewable energy is the fastest-growing...

Valor DFM Solutions

Choosing the right laminate for your PCB design

A balanced approach to material selection involves understanding and considering more than just electrical parameters. In general, with dielectric materials, every parameter that improves performance comes at a marginal increase in cost. Because of this, ensuring that you don’t overdesign within your materials is quite important.


Simcenter SPH Flow 2206 released! What's new?

With Simcenter SPH Flow 2206, designers and analysts can run faster CFD simulations through efficient solid boundary condition treatment.


Take control of Pass-by Noise with a virtual prototype

Use the Simcenter Virtual Prototype Assembly approach to work on Pass-by Noise engineering before a physical prototype is available


Powder Bed fusion: Simulation with an iterative approach to improve compensation.

Powder Bed Fusion is a layer-by-layer and line-by-line welding process. Like any other welding process, it will create large amounts...

NX Manufacturing

Small manufacturers save big with digital transformation [EBOOK]

While it’s impossible to predict exactly how the market will adapt over the next decade, the good news is that...

Thought Leadership

Had it with your current supply chain? Here’s a way to improve program performance – now.

Issues around the global supply chain are front and center these days. No question, supply chain challenges have profoundly affected...


It’s the British Grand Prix F1 this weekend…

Do we have a treat for F1 fans: Inside the world of Scuderia AlphaTauri A lot of things have changed...