The University of Cincinnati: Discovering Innovation with NX

By William Chanatry

The University of Cincinnati is known for its College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, or CEAS as you’ll hear it. What’s really special about CEAS is the experience-based learning curriculum. Students are required to have one full year of industry experience before they graduate. This of course, prepares students for industry ahead of any other program in the United States. The experience shows. This is because the practical work that  students gain while studying at CEAS, leads them to earn $20,000 more per year than other university graduates in their field when they graduate. That’s something to be proud of! 

It’s no wonder the historic and continuous success that CEAS has for their students. It’s also no wonder why they choose to prepare their students with the best CAD | CAM | CAE software out there. NX! 

This story below follows Amir Salehpour who is an Associate Professor of  Mechanical Engineering Technology in CEAS. He explains and tells us why he chooses to teach his students NX in his Introductory to Design Course.

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