Holiday Gift Guide 2015 from NX CAD

By Amy Reyes

presents.jpgWith the holidays just around the corner (and approaching fast!), you may be scrambling to find last minute gifts for all those loved ones on your list.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As many as 44% of people fall into the last minute shopper category during the holiday season, according to a 2013 survey from U.S. News. Unfortunately, though, that can mean bigger crowds for you to fight as you attempt to cross everyone off on your list.

We thought we’d save you some trouble by compiling a complete holiday gift guide inspired by our customers who use NX CAD. This guide covers a wide range of ages, interests, and price points, making it the perfect tool to help you on your last minute shopping excursions.

Happy Holidays from the NX team!


For the young, or even just the young at heart, you can’t go wrong with these favorites.

  1. LEGO blocks: Kids young and old have been playing with them for nearly 60 years.

  2. Mattel toys and games make fun, interactive gifts sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. Who doesn’t love racing Hot Wheels down a track? My personal favorite, Barbie has been a fashion icon since her debut in 1959.

  3. For the collector, there are Fleischmann model trains. These high quality sets, made in Germany, are both beautiful and realistic down to the smallest detail.


For the tech lover in your life, or as a gift for yourself (hey, you deserve a present too…)

  1. Bose speakers and headphones are perfect for the audiophile in your life.

  2. Movie buffs and couch potatoes alike can get enjoyment from a new Philips TV and home audio system.

  3. A Fujitsu tablet is just the gift for the computer savvy on your list.


For the aspiring photographer or anyone who simply wants to capture the moment…

  1. GoPro cameras allow you to capture video hands-free from your own perspective, making a perfect gift for the extreme sports enthusiast or avid outdoorsman (or woman).

  2. Nikon has a range of digital cameras that meet the needs of anyone from the most novice shooter all the way to the expert photographer.

  3. Canon too offers a great selection of cameras that range in price and features.

Personal Grooming

A time honored classic for anyone who loves to be pampered…

  1. Panasonic has a selection of gifts for the person on your list who is in need of some pampering and relaxation. From facial cleansers and electric shavers to massagers, there is something for every person and price range.

  2. Gilette razors and shave gel make for great stocking stuffers: They’re small enough to fit and affordable enough that they won’t break the bank!

  3. Wahl clippers are perfect for the man who takes his facial hair seriously. They have a number of grooming tools for ladies as well.

Sporting Goods

For the athlete, sports lover, or active and fitness conscious person…

  1. Wilson Sporting Goods offer some unique personalized options in addition to the traditional sporting equipment one may buy. Order a custom glove or ball, or for the true fan and spectator, you can custom order their own jersey.

  2. MET helmets will keep the cyclist in your life safe and their head protected whilst out biking. More than just a great gift, these helmets give peace of mind.

  3. The skier in your life will love to wake up to Black Diamond ski boots this holiday season. The company also has hiking and mountain climbing equipment for those of you who live in areas without snow.

Golf Clubs

For the golfer or anyone who likes their sports to involve a leisurely stroll…

  1. Adams offers a selection of clubs, irons, drivers and more for men and women, or you can buy a full set and save.

  2. Callaway sells not just clubs, but also has a wide range of golf accessories, including stands, towels, umbrellas and more.

  3. Titleist too sells clubs, balls, and gear great for any experienced golfer.


For the builder and DIYer in your life who can never have too many tools…

  1. Milwaukee Tool has power tools and gear to satisfy the needs of any DIYer. From drills to jackhammers and everything in between, they have you covered.

  2. Paslode specializes in nail guns for a range of projects, including framing, finishing and exterior jobs. A great choice for a carpenter.

  3. Ryobi tools stand out for their striking lime green color. The company has a vast selection of power tools to help your friends and loved ones tackle any project, big or small.

Luxury Items

These upscale gifts are perfect for the person who has everything…

  1. Swarovski is famous for their crystal figurines. They have a number of seasonal holiday figures, including snowmen. If jewelry or fine accessories are more your style, there are plenty to choose from.

  2. Montblanc pens are a spectacular gift for the writer in your life, or anyone who is hard to shop for. Who couldn’t use a good pen? We all have to write a check or sign our names from time to time.

  3. For the person with money to burn, Steinway pianos make for a beautiful addition to any home. Musicians and pianists will adore this gift!

Cars & Trips

For those wishing to give a ridiculously over-the-top gift where money is no issue…

  1. I am always envious of folks in commercials who wake up one snowy morning to a shiny, brand new car parked in their driveway with a big red bow on top. If you’re lucky enough to make that dream a reality for someone on your list, here are some car manufacturers to choose from: Chrysler, Daimler, Fiat, GM.

  2. Yachts also offer a wonderful gift option for anyone fortunate enough to live near a body of water and have the funds to maintain one. Princess Yachts and Sunseeker both have a range of options to choose from.

  3. For the really adventurous (and those not afraid of heights!), you can send them on a trip to space with SpaceX, ULA, or ATK Space Systems.

So, there you have it. From the realistic to the fantastical, this is our complete NX gift giving guide. Happy Holidays, and may the spirit of the season warm your heart!

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