Do toys inspire our future career choice?

By JerrySarfati

Today I saw an article from Develop3D that asks: “Do the toys we play with as children inspire our future career choice?” 

My answer is “Absolutely!” I know that as a child, I loved playing with my Lego and Meccano kits.This inspired me to choose an engineering career.

My son loved playing with his Lego blocks and Knex Big Ball factory.He also chose engineering as his career.


Today, many of us at Siemens share our love for these toys, by participating in a variety of STEM programs.Several Siemens PLM offices have STEM programs where employees go out to schools and teach elementary school children about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, using Lego WeDo kits.


If you still haven’t selected your new years resolution, I urge you to call your local school and volunteer in their STEM program.


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