Democratizing Access to Space: NX Interview with

By jeffrick

     In today’s global technological landscape, commercial opportunities in space are growing alongside innovation.  The number of space stations built, corporate satellites launched, and asteroids excavated will increase astronomically. This growing industry requires ground systems, satellite components, electronics payloads, rocket launches, and intra-orbit maintenance, to name only a few aspects.

     At 0:27 in the video below, Mike Greenley (MDA Corp.) speaks about what advancements can be expected in space technology and across the industry throughout the next 10-20 years.

     At 5:03 in the video, George Rendell (NX) talks about leveraging systems of systems to overcome challenges with design and communication.  One solution NX has pioneered in this area is to integrate workflows across engineering disciplines. For example, this effectively combines electronic and mechanical CAD into a single workflow and end-to-end process.

     As the satellite industry evolves and space exploration becomes the norm, NX will remain consistently at the forefront of innovation, enabling engineers to construct the best and the safest devices, and journey further into the stars.

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