Welcoming Linda Kerdolff to our Blog Squad

By Dora Smith

Linda Kerdolff

Hey folks, I want to introduce you to another new blogger to our team. Linda Kerdolff is a brand marketer with more than 20 years experience with consumer product manufacturers. She is a senior marketing manager at Siemens supporting CPG.

As a brand manager and marketing director, she has lead many new global product initiatives, brand restages, and marketing communication campaigns. Linda has an MBA from University of Cincinnati and joined Siemens two years ago. She helps communicate how Siemens technology can help solve the tough issues faces by consumer packaged goods, food & beverage manufacturers.

For those of you at the GMA Executive Conference that starts this weekend, she will be moderating a panel on Igniting Innovation.

Stay tuned for more from Linda. Queue up any questions you have for her about product development in the CPG industry.

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