United Launch Alliance’s CEO Michael Gass at Siemens PLM Analyst Event

ULA Michael Gass Speaks at Siemens PLM Software Analyst Event

Meet Michael Gass, president and CEO of United Launch Alliance (ULA). He spoke at our analyst event last week on ULA’s “Siemens experience.” He shares in the video interview below how his work is a “boyhood dream come true.”

I was reminded of his words when I visited the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space museum earlier this week on a trip to Washington D.C. The historic capsule John Glenn flew in as the first American to orbit the Earth is on display there. Michael referenced that history and inspiration in our video interview.


Michael gave a compelling presentation to our analyst event audience. It’s hard not to be impressed with a company that has one goal: “to beat gravity.” He highlighted the challenges in product development when “so much is riding on a single launch” and “we don’t get a second chance.”

He shared his appreciation for Siemens technology in their Enterprise PLM (E*PLM) strategy. Michael noted “Teamcenter enables interconnectivity requirements to enable ULA future competitiveness.” That connectivity is key to have more sophisticated knowledge sharing vs. just a “Vulcan mind meld.”

It was great to hear Michael highlight that it’s not just our products but our community of users that ULA considered before selecting Siemens.

If you’re interested on more on ULA, check out some of the launch videos on their website.

For the kids in the audience (or you kids at heart), check out their overview of a rocket launch, these fun rocket facts and their intern opportunities.

For more on our aerospace and defense customers, visit our A&D industry site.

– Dora

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