Scary Smart People at the Femap Symposium

As I type this, Femap is doing a Symposium in Huntsville, AL. Mark Sherman is presenting some of the history of FEMAP and George Rudy is off to the side… These guys are employee #1 and #2 from the orginal group of people that created Femap. I did a post on them a couple years ago here.

At the same time Chip Fricke is another room providing some update training for Femap. Chip is an analysis expert and one of the key people the Solid Edge Simulation team uses for those hard questions.

Along with these people are about 50-60 of the smartest engineers around. These are people that design airplanes and satellites. Huntsville is known as “Rocket City” and I’m just waiting for one of them to say “Why yes, I am a rocket scientist”.

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