Innovation Leadership Summit – ATK: I like what we saw with the Active Workspace

By rajkumar.palanisamy

No doubt, Active Workspace attracted lots of interests from the audience at Innovation Leadership Summit after Chuck Grindstaff’s stage demonstration. Emerson talked about it in my blog post earlier. I was also lucky enough to have Nathan talking to my camera sharing his excitement on the same topic.

ATK is an aerospace and defense Company, building rocket motors for numerous missiles, rockets, space system and follow on system in the space shuttle.

“I like what we saw with the Active Workspace, because it is a really innovative concept,” said Nathan Christensen, manager of Engineering Tool & Analysis Group of ATK. “(Active Workspace ) gets the simpleness of Google, the simpleness of finding information around people who don’t really have a feel for the sort of the complex in nature of the traditional Teamcenter client interface.  I think it is a really innovative concept from Siemens for one that helps carrying the information throughout there throughout the company. I think for PLM, it is really important to get that kind of interface to get the information out to people, to make it in simple form. So it is going to be a good product for them.”

“Active Workspace helps companies manage this challenge and significantly enhances decision making by reducing complexity and intelligently presenting PLM information that is accessible for all users. Building on our HD-PLM vision, Active Workspace creates an intuitive and personalized 3D graphic interface that significantly enhances the ability of our PLM suite of offerings to deliver knowledge instantly to the right people, at the right place and in the right context to support rapid and intelligent decision making.” said Chuck Grindstaff, CEO of Siemens PLM Software in the latest press release on Active Workspace.

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