IBM: Social media and analytics have a huge impact to run a design project

As the sponsor of Siemens PLM Software 2012 Innovation Leadership Summit, IBM shared their partnership with Siemens PLM Software.

“We’re partnered with Siemens because we share a vision of how the technology & process need to serve the business model,” as Paul Brody mentioned in his presentation.

Brody is the leader of IBM Partner & Global Industry on Electronics & Global Business Services. He observes that both companies have a high level of commonality of IMB and Siemens vision: “We don’t sell products, we sell solutions.” 

The search of sustainable competitive differentiation is driving the changes in business model operations from products evolving to system and to business model development. Instead of focusing solely on the finished product, IBM and Siemens PLM Software’s partnerships focus on designing solutions and product development to create important business values for companies.

“Crowdsourcing and open source are substantially changing the way that people think about product development. We believe they are big opportunity gains but they also represent a challenge, which creates another bar we will hurdle to in serving our clients and creating value for them, ” added Brody.

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