Design1 Sighted at Tacoma World at Local Motors

By MarkBurhop

Last weekend, I headed out to Phoenix and Local Motors  for a special event with the Tacoma World truck club.  This was a fun group of people with some nice looking trucks full of specialized modifications.

Local Motors and the Tacoma group decided to do some specialized parts during the open house.   They stared out with an introduction to Solid Edge Design1 which you can get through Local Motors for about $19 a month.

They then got some volunteers from the audience to do the design.  “Hi, you have never used this software before but we want you to step up here and make this design in front of this crowd of people!”  Brave guys… and both looked like real experts up there.

After the design was complete, it was taken over to the water jet machine for fabrication.  This is a device that shoots out a jet of water and sand to cut metal.  From here, Local Motors and some of the Tacoma folks did some prep work, welded the pieces, and created one very cool trailer hitch.

I compressed the whole thing into a2 1/2 minute video that shows it going from art to part to art for Jeff’s Tacoma trailer hitch.Best to turn your speakers up to full volume when you play it 🙂

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