Dental implant maker opens new markets with Solid Edge and Femap

By AlRobertson

Biotec Srl, established in 1998 in Povolaro di Dueville near Vicenza in Italy, manufactures and sells advanced dental implants. The company performs research, innovation and clinical studies, managing the entire process for the design and production of certified and safe medical devices. Biotec uses Solid Edge for the CAD and design requirements, while Femap is used to check the accuracy of stress and load distributions.

An interesting trend in the industry is that doctors are showing an increasing interest in design while gaining more knowledge of the technology and so are asking to be more involved. Powerful design and analysis tools are necessary to be able to design concurrently with the physicians, from showing them the conceptual prototype, right up to the final product.

Femap is frequently the starting point for the design cycle at Biotec, not only for mechanical engineering, but also for the identification of the geometric shapes that guarantee the best fit for the patient’s anatomy.

Biotec Dental Implant Femap Model
Biotec Dental Implant Femap Model

When designing very small parts, like the pins of dental implants, an accurate analysis of stress and load distribution on the mechanical components and on the jaw bones is crucial.

Biotec believes that performing an analysis is mandatory, unless you are willing to spend a long time on mechanical tests, which in this case would be difficult due to the tiny dimensions of the products.

You can read the full case study to see how Biotec leverages Femap and Solid Edge to help open new markets.

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