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Best of Tech Articles: Analog, Embedded Systems, NVMe, Automotive, and More

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  1. Car Becomes a Living Platform
  2. Memory Signature
  3. Nine Effective Features of NVMe VIP for SSD Storage
  4. Analog’s Rising Status
  5. Industry 4.0 Allies in the Distribution Chain


Car Becomes a Living Platform
Semiconductor Engineering
Car-with-0-and-1s-300x194 (1)Keeping automotive system architectures up to speed on safety, security, and driving features is a huge challenge. Technical experts across the automotive industry offer their thoughts on the “new view” of vehicle design.


Memory Signature
Using memory signature in embedded systems can be a simple, reliable way to make it clear that the memory/data has been initialized. Colin Walls walks readers through the process.


Nine Effective Features of NVMe VIP for SSD Storage
Tech Design Forum
NVMe_VIP_Fig2Data stored by enterprises and consumers has increased astronomically over the past 10 years. Learn how the open Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) standard is helping non-volatile memory storage reach its true potential with increasingly rich verification support.


Analog’s Rising Status
Semiconductor Engineering
Analog and digital interoperability challenges continue to grow as the number of sensors and actuators increase in electronic devices. Read about the impact on design teams and how they’re working to make communication between analog and digital seamless.


Industry 4.0 Allies in the Distribution Chain
Industry4.0WordleIndustry 4.0 supports onshoring for smart manufacturing companies who want to maintain high productivity while being flexible to meet immediate customer demand. Michael Ford shares insight into opportunities for onshoring related to the distribution chain.


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