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We live in a time when, if you have a problem – almost any problem – there is someone out there with a solution. A solution that they will be happy to sell you. Commonly, what is on offer is backed by credible scientific studies and very believable customer testimonials – never buy anything with less than 4.8 stars. Today, I have a solution for you …

I have read that more work days are lost through back pain than any other cause. Most people I know seem to have suffered at some time – many chronically. I suffered a prolapsed disc 30+ years ago. It was not bad enough to treat with surgery, so I suffer from time to time, but only if I am not careful. The root cause of my problem is having non-matching legs [about 15mm difference in length]. There is nothing to be done about that – it is too late. Nowadays, I can just avoid triggering the pain.

There are two things that commonly trigger back pain in most people: lifting a weight that is too heavy or awkward; sustained lack of movement. The weight issue is addressed simply by being careful. Think before you move something. Delegate any heavy lifting. The lack of movement is another issue; this needs help. I would like to introduce you to the “SquirmBuddy” range of dynamic and therapeutic seating. The first product is available now:

This may look like an ordinary $20 stackable chair, of the type that pops up in meeting rooms and community buildings everywhere. However, this chair is special: it has been very carefully designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. Why would you want an uncomfortable chair? Good question. The answer is straightforward. Imagine you are settling down to watch an evening’s TV. You comfortably relax on the couch and enjoy. A few hours later, you are still there, but when you do get up again, your back hurts because you have been stationary so long. Familiar?

Experts recommend sitting on the floor, instead of the couch. Their reasoning is that the floor is never comfortable and you will spend a lot of time changing position in a desperate and futile attempt to get comfortable. This is great, because you are never stationary for too long – the lack of movement that causes back pain is eliminated. However, there is another issue: many of us [like me] can just about get down on to the floor, but getting upright again is a challenge. This is where the SquirmBuddy comes in. It has been carefully designed to emulate the discomfort experienced when sitting on the floor, but eliminates the need to get down so far and rise up later.

SquirmBuddy #1 is available now for just $500 including shipping [plus an annual $100 maintenance charge]. Not much to pay to alleviate all that pain! Discounts are available for volume purchases and enquiries from distributors are welcome. Just call 1-800-END-PAIN

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