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As anyone who knows me will be aware, photography is my main hobby. Seeing, taking and sharing my pictures gives me a lot of pleasure. Some time ago, I started a project to blog a picture every day for a year. There was no intention that the picture was to be taken on the day of posting; I was just looking for a vehicle to show some of my work. The project has about a month to run now and you can follow it at

I thought that I would choose 6 of my favorite pictures for my “Six of the Best” series of blog postings. In order to focus my choice, I decided that the images should all be new, so I have only considered pictures shot since 1 January 2015 …


This picture was taken at New Year on a bleak gray day when everything seemed very monochromatic. I thought that the pink color of this structure made it stand out rather well.



This is obviously part of a boat and I do like photographing nautical stuff, but, in this case, I see the picture as essentially abstract – just shapes, textures and colors.



I am proud of this picture. It always pleases me when I see an image that others might not have spotted. In this case, I was having lunch at a restaurant and, on returning from the rest room, saw this view of the restaurant through some frosted glass. I did not have my “real” camera with me, but my iPhone does a fair job. This image did well for me in a recent camera club competition.



I was looking down this stairwell, enjoying the geometry and monochromatic quality of the structure. It occurred to me that a person, in the right place, would give a sense of scale. Suddenly I heard footsteps and this child appeared – perfect!



I was on a camera club outing to the nearby city of Birmingham [the original one in the UK, not the place in Alabama!]. This is a shot taken through the window of the new library, which simultaneously shows the inside [directly] and the outside [reflection]. It looks like I used Photoshop, but no pixels were harmed in the production of this image.



Another shot from the Birmingham trip and another reflection. I just love the colorful chaos of this image. Incidentally, the text is not reversed as this is actually a double reflection.


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