Webinar: Promoting Uptime in EV Charging

By David Lyell

Increasingly, EVs are everywhere. Unfortunately, working charging stations aren’t always as ubiquitous.

Join Urban Movement Labs on February 21st, 12-1 PM PT for their latest webinar, Electrifying the Nation: Promoting Uptime in EV Charging, part of their Humans of New Mobility series.

You’ll hear from a panel featuring industry experts from the private and public sectors, including:

  • Alex Kapur, Partner at City Fi, as moderator
  • Irina Slavina, Head of Legal and Business at Blue Systems                                                                
  • Walter Thorn, Head of Product at ChargerHelp!                                                                               
  • Michael Samulon, Director of Vehicle Electrification and City Projects at City of Los Angeles
  • Will Watts, former Market Lead for Changing Infrastructure at Tesla and current Sr. Director of Prototyping at Block Renovation
  • Siemen’s own Puneet Sinha, Sr. Director, Battery Industry.

They’ll discuss the challenges posed by EV charging station downtime and how we might begin to tackle them – from issues of equity and deployment to sustainability and policy coordination.

Register here and come ready to participate- as an invitee, you’ll be able to share your ideas on a digital whiteboard while listening to experts on the topic.

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