A Simcenter personal consultant realized with Generative AI

You could do it all yourself, and it’s not as if you haven’t been doing so for many years. Trawling through user documentation, installation guides, knowledge-based articles, all in an attempt to find the answer to a specific question you have in mind. Using a simple text Search feature might take you to a relevant pdf document, the rest though is up to you. Tiresome, manually intensive and rarely pleasurable. What if you could just call on a Personal Consultant, a Digital Helper, to answer your question directly?

Imagine a world without toolbars or menus

Generative AI will revolutionize how a user interacts with CAE software. An interactive conversational approach with an embedded Personal Assistant may well remove the need for Toolbars and Menus in the future.

Computer Aided Engineering in the Industrial Metaverse – Part 2

The Industrial Metaverse (IM) is a virtual world in which one can interact with the digital twin. From a Computer…

Illustration of an engineer of East Asian descent at a workstation engaged in generative AI design on floating digital screens, with a detailed physical model of a drone with exposed circuitry and mechanical parts on the desk beside them. The model reflects the generative AI's output, showcasing the practical application of the AI's computations in real-world engineering.

Generative engineering and the role of simulation

The community is abuzz with talk about Generative AI tools, but how can we exploit generative engineering to advance our productivity?

The transformative power of fusing Machine Learning and physics-based simulation in CAE tools - Oil painting by DALL-E

Beyond traditional engineering simulations: How Machine Learning is pioneering change in engineering

Machine Learning technologies are not just incremental enhancements; they hold the promise to revolutionize our understanding and application of simulation in engineering.