University of Texas-Brownsville student won recent Student Design Contest using NX

By Bijy Vattathara

The University of Texas at Brownsville student Mario Castillo recently won the Siemens PLM Software student design contest.

Learn more about him and his winning design in the following Q&A.


What is your field of study?

My field of study is Engineering Technology.

Why did you choose this project/design – what gave you the idea?

I choose this project because I liked designing cars since I was 5 years old, I would draw my own sketches. I chose an ATV because in the area I live all terrain vehicles are very popular. Now that I am grown up and have the right instruments that NX provides my design can have a greater level of complexity.

What challenges did you face during the design/build?

The biggest challenge was working on the design and learning at the same time, but this made me look further into all the features that NX has.

What features of NX did you use to develop your project?

 I used dimension constrains, sheet extrude, swept features, helix pattern, mirror geometry, pattern along curve, reference pattern,spiral pattern, assembly constrains, assign material for those that I can remember but to create the complete design I had to use a combination of all these features with a lot of imagination.

Would you recommend NX to another student? Why or Why not?

Yes, I would definitely encourage students to use NX because it a great software with many features and the most popular software used in the manufacturing industry. It is constantly evolving to compensate for the growth in technology we are living in today.


Persons in the Photos:

  1. Juan Iglecias, Associate Dean, Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science, UTRGV

  2. Immanuel Edinbarough, Director of Engineering Technology, Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science, UTRGV

3. Mr. Mario Castillo, Student, Engineering Technology, Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, UTRGV

Congratulations to Michael!

Enter your winning design here.

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